NWACC Alumni Spotlights

Areli Cabrera, Class of 2021
Areli is a 2021 NWACC graduate. During her time at NWACC she served as a LIFE mentor (2019-2021) and was involved in the Honors Society. Areli was the recipient of the LIFE legacy scholarhip and the Ruby B. Mathews Endowed scholarship while enrolled at NWACC.
Since graduating, Areli has completed her Bachelors of Arts from the University of Arkansas and has been an active legacy mentor of the NWACC LIFE program. She plans to continue her education in pursuit of a Masters of Social Work. Most recently, Areli represented the NWACC Alumni Association as the 2024 Plant-A-Seed Soiree alumni speaker. She currently serves as the administrative specialist for the Disability Resource Center at NWACC.

Jonathan Janacek, Class of 2019
Whether you need improved style and function of your home, a remodeled kitchen, or a complete home restoration, this NWACC alum has you covered.
Janacek is a 2019 Construction Technology graduate and president of Janacek Remodeling, a construction company located in and serving Northwest Arkansas. Janacek Remodeling was originally started 37 years ago by Jonathan’s father and Jonathan joined the company 21 years ago.
Jonathan started with NWACC as a high schooler taking concurrent classes and saw the value of an affordable education even as a kid. He then took a break from school between high school and getting his degree. When asked about returning to school, Jonathan said, “it gave me a lot of confidence, going back to school. I had one semester at a university and then dropped out. NWACC gave me a soft landing to come back to and I want to give other students that same opportunity to go back and not be fearful of going to school.” Jonathan has been giving back to NWACC for quite some time now and established the NWACC Janacek Remodeling Scholarship in 2022. “For me, giving back to NWACC through scholarships has been a way to allow other students to reach their dreams the same way I was finally able to reach mine myself.”
Jonathan has been involved at NWACC in different ways. He had the privilege of teaching construction courses alongside faculty at NWACC back in 2019 and did that for two years. As much as he loved teaching, he is a husband, father of two, and president of a business full time and ultimately had to step away. However, he has been back on campus multiple times since 2021 to assist Ray Taylor in a class or two. Jonathan was also one of the alumni speakers at the 2023 Plant-A-Seed Soiree hosted by the NWACC Foundation.
Empowering students to be confident through education and experiences is Jonathan’s goal when speaking about NWACC to the community, his clients, and his own team. Although graduation is the ultimate goal when returning to school, one class can often be the doorway to returning to school. “There is a place for every student at NWACC, whether traditional or non-traditional, there is a place for every single student,” Jonathan says.  

Shelley Attaway, Class of 2020
Shelley Attaway works as a Computer Lab Supervisor at Northwest Arkansas Community College, where she utilizes her skills and expertise to provide assistance to students and faculty with technology-related issues. In addition to her role as a technology assistant, Shelley also serves as a tutor, helping students with computer information assignments and programming. She is committed to empowering students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their academic and professional careers.
After several years of working in childcare and raising three children of her own, Shelley pursued her dream of a career in technology. Despite the challenges of managing both her home and education during the global pandemic, she completed her AAS in Computer Information from Northwest Community College. Shelley continues to stay up to date with the latest advancements in her field and aspires to continue her education in the near future.
Apart from her professional work, Shelley is a devoted mother of three and enjoys spending time with her family. She also has generously provided pro bono website design and development services to local non-profit organizations, reflecting her passion for giving back to the community and supporting organizations in creating positive change.